The microRepair® system consists of  Hydroxyapatite crystals (Substituted-Carbonate-Apatite-Zinc): a mineral that  makes up 90% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentine.

The microRepair® crystals have a special  biomimetic capacity (i.e. an ability to totally imitate a component and its  biological structure). This allows them to enter and repair tiny cracks on the  teeth, adhering to the enamel for over 24 hours, preventing bacteria from  penetrating, and so protecting the oral cavity from plaque, tartar and caries.  In addition, thanks to their special structure, microRepair® crystals are able  to form a chemical bond with the dentine, closing the dentinal tubules. This  stops heat stimuli (both hot and cold) from reaching the nerve, and so prevents  the discomfort of sensitive teeth. So the combination of the microRepair®  particles, with their reconstructive and protective function, and the cleansing  action of Zinc, enables us to avoid the use of fluoride in all BioRepair  products.